At first try it!dryness・dark spots・ With small wrinkles concernWho

Recognized as the most effective formula in Japan Improve your moisture retention

Rice Power No. 11 Extract Formulation
Contains Active Ingredients

The "moisture content" of your skin is the value of how much moisture is on the skin surface, it is temporary. It increases temporarily after using cosmetics or after bathing, but it decreases with time.

On the other hand, "water retention capacity" dead skin Ability to keep moisture in layer is. If this ability increases, Keep moisture constantly high So, the texture is plumped with fresh skin, and external stimuli and ultraviolet rays, dryness It is less likely to be affected.

Rice Power No. 11 Extract Is an active ingredient that has "an effect of improving water retention". Besides giving moisture, it fosters the skin's ability to absorb itself.

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Beautify your skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid The Power of Rice Power® Extract No. 11

Our unique fermentation technology reaches down into the stratum corneum.

In addition to delivering moisture, it also nurtures the skin's ability to take in moisture at the source, vastly improving the quality of your skin.

We hear you loud and clear: you love it!

  • I had been suffering for a long time rough skin But,
    Now it is white slippery skin!

    Ayano Tomita (24 years old)

    sensitive skin As the turn of the season turns, always rough skin I was bothered by. But RICE FORCE Since I came to use, trouble has not appeared!
    Three months have passed since I started using my mother and sister I was surprised to hear that "the skin has turned white?" By the way, I feel that the touch has come out recently and a sense of transparency comes out . Continue to use as it is aiming for healthy skin.

  • The eyes of sunburn dark spots But
    It gradually becomes thin!

    Yukari Masaka (28)

    In the late 20's, with pops dark spots (*) has become prominent. Especially the eye dark spots (*) became darker year by year, it was designed to go out with thick foundation applied.​ ​​ ​When I tried using it, I first realized that my skin was plumped from the day I used it​ ​​ ​is. My complexion is getting brighter Skin Care It has become fun. I was most concerned​ ​​ ​Eye dark spots I feel that it is gradually getting thinner​ ​​ ​. The foundation is also thinly painted and I am very satisfied. ( *Dark spots caused by sun exposure )

  • Skin trouble at the turn of the season
    It stopped occurrence!

    Kaoru Takayama (34 years old)

    Throughout the year dryness Then, trouble of the skin at the turn of the season suffers was. RICE FORCE It is made of rice fragrance free · no artificial coloring · mineral oil free It is safe to say, The model of beautiful skin is using it I started to use it, but it is not only the surface, it really feels like getting back from the back of my skin. Even though I am pregnant, my make-up is good, and at the department store's cosmetics counter Skin diagnosis improves the condition of the skin and the skin as a whole I am glad to hear that!