Article 1. Scope of Application and Amendment of TOS (“TOS”)
TOS shall be applied to all matters associated with use of service of this site run by Im Co., Ltd. (“Im”).
Article 2. Amendment of Terms and Consent
Im may amend TOS without User’s prior consent and User shall accept it. Such amendment shall be announced to User from time to time through means provided by Im.
Article 3. Use of This Service
User may use this service in accordance with instructions stipulated in TOS and given by Im.
1) User may use this service in accordance with instructions stipulated in TOS and given by Im.
2) If User should cause any damage to other User or third party or right holder in relation to use of this service, or User should give rise to any dispute with other User or third party or right holder, User shall settle it at its own expense and responsibility and shall not cause Im any trouble or damage.
3) If User is a juvenile, use of this service requires parental approval.
4) User’s privacy is treated on the basis of Privacy Policy.
Article 4. User
“User” means a person(s) who use this service by browsing or purchasing. By use of this service, it shall be taken that User has agreed to TOS.
Article 5. Registration of User
User who is to use this site may register as a member.
1) In the membership registration form, User shall enter true and accurate data concerning him-/her-self and send to this site. No false statement shall be submitted.
2) A User can register once. If it has been revealed that a membership registration applicant had been suspended or deregistered from membership in the past due to breach of TOS or Im’s other TOS, the registered data included false matters, or when Im judged that approval of the registration application is inappropriate, the application may not be accepted.
3) When any of User’s address, name, telephone number, or any other data submitted to Im is changed, User shall promptly report the change by means designated by Im elsewhere.
4) At registration, User can decide whether to receive e-mail advertisement(e-mail magazine) from Im, provided that Im may provide User with such information which seems useful for User including information about Im’s products, service of this site, and how to use products as well as information which, in Im’s view, need to be advised or notified to User by e-mail, postal mail, or telephone. If you want discontinuation of sending of information magazine or other materials, please advise through “Contact us”.
Article 6 Management of ID and Password
1) User shall use this service using ID and password established by User him-/her-self or ID and password issued by Im.
2) User shall be fully responsible for use and management of the ID and password established by User him-/her-self or ID and password issued by Im.
3) User shall use and manage ID and password on his/her own responsibility and shall not transfer, lend, or disclose them to third party or have third party use them.
4) For disadvantage, damage, falsification and so forth caused by use by third party and so forth of ID and password, User who owns the ID shall be fully responsible and Im will assume no responsibility.
5) If it has been revealed that ID and password are Improperly used by third party, User shall immediately inform Im of the fact.
6) User acknowledges risks including, without limitation, leakage and so forth of credit-card number associated with transmission thereof of it for use of this service and do the action on his/her own responsibility.
Article 7. Suspension of Use of This Service by User and Deregistration
If Im judges a User inadequate for a reason such as breach of TOS, Im can halt the User’s use of this service or deregister the User without prior notice to the User. The reasons include:
1) It has been revealed that the User had been deregistered in the past for reasons including, without limitation, breach of TOS;
2) It has been revealed that the User had been suspended from membership or deregistered in the past due to breach of Im’ TOS at;
3) The User committed delayed payment of a bill for this service or other types of default;
4) The User conducted an action stipulated in Article 8 (Prohibited Action); or otherwise
5) The User breached TOS.
Article 8. Prohibited Actionn
In using this service, User shall not conduct the action stated below:
1) To use, whether for commercial or noncommercial purposes, the information related to service, information, and products and so forth provided by Im in this site without Im’s prior consent;
2) To make false statement at membership registration;
3) Action to prevent operation of this service or other actions that may interfere with this service;
4) To use this service through abuse of a credit card;
5) Abuse of User ID and password;
6)Action to infringe trademark right, copyright, privacy or other rights of other User, third party, or Im or action that may cause trouble, disadvantage, or damage thereto;
7) To write untrue information, meaningless information, and so forth;
8) Action that does or may offend public order or morals or other action that does or may break the ordinance;
9) To falsify information about Im or this service or information provided through this service;
10) To transmit or write harmful computer program and so forth; or
11) Other actions that Im judges to be inappropriate in terms of operation of this service.
Article 9. Copyright
All of the copyright, trademark right, or other intellectual property right associated with any graphics, illustration, designs and so forth posted in the screen of this site belong to Im or other legitimate right holders of copyright and so forth. User shall not conduct any action that infringes such rights.
Article 10. Transfer of Rights
User shall not transfer the right to get this service or other rights granted to User.
Article 11. Purchase of Products
User may purchase product(s) via this service. User who wants to purchase a product shall affect the purchase according to the order procedure designated by Im. For purchase of a product in a catalog, User shall effect the purchase according to the order procedure shown in the catalog.
Article 12. Payment
Amount payable and means of payment due from this service shall conform to the order form and users’ guide for each product. In payment with a credit card, User shall follow the terms of contract with the credit card company. If any dispute arises between the User and such credit card company and so forth, the relevant parties shall settle the dispute between themselves and Im shall assume no responsibility.
Article 13. Return of Goods
After an order is finalized, no return or exchange is accepted, provided that, in cases of returns due to our company’s miss-shipment (delivery of a product other than the ordered one or defective goods on rare occasion), we will bear the return charge.
Note) Please return goods unused. Return shall be effected within eight (8) days from delivery. Never fail to advise us of the return in advance by e-mail (to world@riceforce.com).
Please enter 【Return of Product(s)】 in the subject box.
Article 14. Management of Information
Im may, when it judges it necessary, delete the content transmitted (or sent) by User to this site or change the posting position. This right of deletion of Im includes also right to delete the content violating TOS and the content Im judges to be unacceptable.
Article 15 Suspension of Service
In operation and management of this service, Im may, without prior notification to, or consent, of User, make alteration of and/or addition to or suspension and discontinuation of service on occasions exemplified below. Im shall not basically assume responsibility for damage of User incurred by such discontinuation, alteration and so forth.
1) When necessary for regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system;
2) When operation of the system becomes difficult due to fire, power outage, and interference by third party or other causes.
3) When act of providence hinders provision of service; and
4) When Im otherwise judges it necessary.
Article 16. Indemnity
Im, by conducting transaction of business according to what was advised by User at registration, shall be indemnified as follows:
1) Im shall be deemed to have fulfilled obligation thereof: when Im has duty of notification to User, by sending notification to the e-mail address preregistered by User and, for delivery of Im’s product(s), by shipping the product to the delivery address specified by the User at purchase of the product.
2)Except otherwise provided in TOS and users’ guide and so forth, Im shall not assume responsibility for damage due to causes not attributable to Im, obstacles arisen from special circumstances whether or not Im foresee thereof, lost profit, and User’s damage due to claim for damage from third party.
3) If any dispute should arise between Users or between a User and third party in relation to User’s use of this service, the relevant User shall settle it on the User’s own responsibility and shall not cause any trouble or damage to Im.
4) When User changes its password, Im shall be indemnified by changing it by a routine method specified by Im.
Article 17. Agreed Court of Competent Jurisdiction
1) Communication between Im and User shall be made in principle by e-mail and telephone.
2) If dispute should arise between User and Im, both parties shall settle it in good faith and, if settlement is difficult or lawsuit becomes necessary, Takamatsu District Court shall be the court of competent jurisdiction agreed between User and Im.
3)If User should become liable for damages due to nonpayment of due charge or other nonfulfillment of TOS and Im employs an attorney for collection of the claim, User shall bear also the attorney’s fee based on rules of attorneys’ fees.
4) When User changes its password, Im shall be indemnified by changing it by a routine method specified by Im.
Article 18. Governing Law
TOS shall be construed and applied in accordance with the laws of Japan.
Article 19. Indication of Selling Entity
The selling entity of this site based on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions is:
Im Co., Ltd.


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