Shopping Guide

About Payment Methods

Available Payment Methods

Orders can be made by credit card or PayPal.

Credit Card

We accept VISA and MasterCard.


We accept PayPal.

Confirmation of your order

About order confirmation e-mail

After ordering we will send you an "Order Details Confirmation Mail".
Please confirm the order contents with this mail.

  • Those who have not received mail
    You input Email Address Was there any mistake? In addition, I registered Email Address Are you still using it?
    Email Address Register for, ACCOUNT You can confirm more.
    If domain setting reception setting is made, RICE FORCE Please add "riceforce.com" domain in order to deliver notification emails from.
Subscriptions Confirmation of order contents
" Subscription Service Confirmation / modification / cancellation of contents of ACCOUNT Thank you.
Inquiries Confirm from form

By email Inquiries In the case of, Inquiries Form Please send more emails.

Shipping Fees and Delivery Dates

About Shipping Fees

​The Deluxe Trial Kit​ as well as​ our ​subscription service​​ offer free shipping.​ ​
​​All other products have a flat rate of US$12 for shipping.

Delivery Dates

Shipping usually takes between 3 to 7 business days once your order has been accepted and processed.  However, the delivery date may vary depending on your location. Be aware we use express mail shipping (EMS) from Japan.

We will send you an email once your order has shipped. Visit the​ ​Express Mail Service (EMS) site​ to track your order.

*Some orders may be subject to import taxes.

Shipping is available worldwide. No additional import fees are necessary for 98% or more of our products.​ ​
Please note that import taxes may be imposed on some orders. ​
​(Import taxes are determined and assessed by customs at the destination country of a package. Please contact your nearest customs service for further information.)

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges of products after an order is confirmed.​ ​
​If there is a problem with your order, we will refund you any shipping fees related to exchanging the incorrect or defective products.

Be aware that we only accept returns for unopened products. The product should also be returned within 8 days of receiving the order. All returns must be confirmed before being returned.  Please contact us at​ ​​world@riceforce.com before returning an incorrect or defective product.

Please write "Exchange Product" in the subject line.

About bulk buying discount

About bulk buying discount

We offer discounted discount services according to the number of items purchased.
For more information About bulk buying discount service please look at.

Subscriptions about

Subscription Service about

Starting discounts of up to 25% OFF, which are advantageous over bulk purchase, Subscription Service We are glad you are having pleasant benefits.
For more information Subscription Service about please look at.



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If you cannot find the answer to a question, email us at world@riceforce.com​ for further assistance.

*We will attempt to respond to you as soon as possible.