Terms of Service

The terms of service (“these Terms”) for using the service (“the Service”) provided on the RICE FORCE website (“the Website”) operated by Im Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) are as described below.
Terms of Service
These Terms shall apply to all matters associated with the use of the Service.
When a user uses the Service, it is considered that he or she has agreed to these Terms.
Changes to Terms
The Company may change these Terms without prior notice or without the consent of the user.
Using the Service
The user shall be able to use the Service in accordance with these Terms and the instructions provided by the Company.
  • The user shall be responsible for all information transmitted by the user through the Service and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.
  • In relation to the use of the Service, if a user causes damage to another user, third party, or rights holder, or the user has a dispute with another user, third party, or rights holder, the user shall resolve this at his or her own expense and under his or her own responsibility, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.
  • If the user is a minor, parental consent is required to use the Service.
  • The privacy of the user shall be as described in the Privacy Policy.
User Registration
When using the Service, the user can register as a member in the format prescribed by the Company.
  • When registering for the Service, the user must register truthful and accurate data about himself or herself. At that time, the user must make no false application.
  • Registration for the Service is limited to one registration per user. In addition, if it is discovered that a registered member has had their membership suspended or canceled in the past due to a violation of these Terms or the Terms of a group company; if the information in the registration application includes falsehoods; or if the Company determines that it is inappropriate to approve the application for registration for any other reason, the Company may, at its discretion, elect to not approve the registration.
  • The user shall promptly notify the Company of any changes to the address, name, telephone number, email address, or other application information registered for the Service in accordance with the method specified separately by the Company.
  • The user can choose whether or not to receive advertisements (email newsletters) from the Company by email during registration. However, the Company may notify the user by email, postal mail, or telephone about information that may be useful to the user, such as information about the Company’s products, the Service, or how to use products; or information that seems to require notification or contact. If a user wishes to stop receiving newsletters or other materials, he or she is requested to contact the Company via the Personal Information Contact.
Internet Member ID and Password Management
  • The user shall use the Service by using the Internet member ID and password registered by the user himself or herself.
  • The user shall be responsible for the management and use of the Internet member ID and password set by the user himself or herself.
  • The user shall be responsible for not letting a third party use his or her Internet member ID and password; nor transferring, lending, changing the name of, disclosing, etc., his or her Internet member ID and password.
  • The user who owns the Internet member ID shall bear all responsibility for the use of that ID and the Company shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any disadvantage, damage, falsification, etc., caused by a third party’s use of an Internet member ID and password.
  • If the user’s Internet member’s ID or password is leaked, or if it is discovered that it is being used by a third party, the user shall immediately notify the Company to that effect.
  • The user shall be aware of the dangers of leaks, etc., associated with the transmission of credit card numbers, etc., when using the Service, and shall do so at his or her own risk.
Prohibited Acts
The user shall not perpetrate any of the following acts when using the Service.
If you perpetrate a prohibited act, you may be subject to criminal penalty and be liable to pay compensation for damages in accordance with the Penal Code, Unauthorized Computer Access Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, and Commercial Code.
  • The act of using the Service, information, and information on products, etc., regardless of whether for profit or not, without obtaining prior consent from the Company
  • The act of registering false content when registering as a member
  • An act that hinders the operation of the Service, or any other act that may interfere with the Service
  • An act that interferes with the Company’s business
  • The act of using the Service or placing orders for the purpose of profit or resale, or for the preparation thereof
  • An act that infringes on or may infringe on trademark rights, copyrights, privacy, and other rights
  • Unauthorized use of a credit card to use the Service
  • Illegal use of the personal information of others to use the Service
  • The act of writing information contrary to the facts, meaningless information, etc.
  • An act that violates public order and morals; an act that violates other laws and regulations; or an act that might be considered to have violated these
  • Tampering with information about the Company or the Service, or information provided through the Service
  • An act to send or write harmful computer programs, etc.
  • Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
Suspension of the Use of the Service and Cancellation of Membership Registration
1. If a user violates these Terms, or if a user is deemed inappropriate by the Company, the Company may limit or suspend the provision of the Service or delete the registration of use without notifying the user in advance.
  • If it is discovered that membership registration has been canceled for reasons such as violations of these Terms in the past
  • If it is discovered that membership registration has been suspended or canceled due to violations of the Company’s Terms or violations of the Terms of a group company in the past
  • If there is a delay in the performance of payment obligations such as charges for the Service or other such non-performance
  • If the user perpetrates any of the acts listed in Prohibited Acts
  • Any other violations of these Terms
2.If the Company considers it necessary for use of the Service, it may request the presentation of identification.
3.Information required by law cannot be deleted even if membership registration is withdrawn or canceled.
Use of Cookies
The Website uses cookies to provide optimal services to customers.
In addition, the Company may reference cookie data for marketing purposes.
A cookie is a piece of data that identifies your computer and does not contain any personal information.
Normally, you can disable cookies by changing your browser settings, but in this case, you may not be able to use the Service on the Website normally.
Other Items of Note
The Company does not accept orders made for the purpose of profit or resale, or for the preparation thereof.
The Company takes no responsibility whatsoever for products provided by the Company that are sold on auction websites, by traders, or on personal websites, etc.
Copyright etc.
当Copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights related to the contents (images, illustrations, text, etc.) on the Website, extending back in time from the present, all belong to the Company or other proper holders of the copyrights and other rights.
It is therefore prohibited to reprint, copy, or reuse such contents without obtaining permission from the Company.

The Company assumes usage rights of any information sent from the user to the Company and may publish such information in bulletins, leaflets, on the web, etc.
Transfer of Rights
The user may not transfer the right to be provided with the Service or any other rights granted to the user.
Purchasing Products
Users can purchase products using the Service. If a user wishes to purchase a product, he or she shall purchase it according to the ordering procedure specified by the Company. Catalog products shall be purchased according to the ordering procedure described in the catalog.
If there is something wrong with the name, address, telephone number, etc., when placing an order and the user cannot be contacted, the order may not be accepted.
Also, please note in advance that after receipt of an order, it may be declined for reasons such as violation of these Terms or at the judgment of the Company.
The payment amount and payment method for the Service shall be in accordance with the application form and usage guide for each product.
After receipt of an order, you may be requested to change the payment method at the judgment of the Company, and your purchase may be delivered after the change depending on the status of the order or settlement. In addition, the product delivery schedule may change as a result.
If the user pays by credit card, the user shall comply with the separate contract terms of the credit card company. In the event of any dispute between the user and the credit card company, etc., the parties shall resolve the dispute between themselves, and the Company shall not be liable.
Management of Information
Regarding information posted by the user on the Website, if deemed necessary, the Company may delete content transmitted (delivered) through the Service or change the posting location. These deletion rights of the Company include the right to delete content that violates these Terms and content that we have determined to be problematic.
Service Stoppage
In the operation and management of the Service, the Company may change, add, suspend, or cancel the Service without prior notice or without the consent of the user in the following cases. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user due to the cancellation or change of the Service.
  • When necessary for regular and emergency system maintenance
  • If it is discovered that it has become difficult to operate the system for reasons such as natural disaster, fire, power outage, or sabotage by a third party
  • If the Company otherwise deems it necessary
The Company shall be exempt from its obligations by performing processing in accordance with the registered contents of the user.
  • If the Company has an obligation to send a notification to the user or to deliver goods to the user, this obligation shall be satisfied by sending the notification to the email address registered by the user in advance in the case of the former, and by delivering the goods to the address designated by the user in the case of the latter.
  • Except as provided in these Terms, User Guide, or other such documentation, the Company is not liable for damage caused for reasons not to attributable to the Company; damage arising from special circumstances, regardless of whether such circumstances could be foreseen by the Company or not; loss of profit; or damage to the user from a claim for damages by a third party.
  • If there is any dispute regarding the use of the Service between users or between a user and a third party, the user in question will be responsible for resolving the dispute, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.
  • When a user changes his or her registered information, the Company shall be exempt from its obligations by changing it according to the method prescribed by the Company.
Agreed jurisdictional court
  • If a problem arises between the user and the Company, both shall attempt to resolve the dispute in good faith. If a solution cannot be found resulting in the need for a lawsuit, the Takamatsu District Court shall be the agreed jurisdictional court with for disagreements between the user and the Company.
  • If the user does not pay for goods or otherwise violates these Terms, and if the Company is required to employ an attorney to recover monies owed, attorney fees based on the attorney fee provision will be borne by the user.
  • As a general rule, the method of communication between the Company and the user shall be by email or telephone.
Governing Law
The establishment, effect, performance, and interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
Indication of Sales Entity
Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, the sales entity of the Website is as follows:

460-1 Yokoi, Konan-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 761-8589, Japan
Im Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Masamitsu Ishitsuka
Email address: world@ij-g.jp (English only)