Article 1. Scope of the Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) apply to all matters associated with the use of services provided by Im Co., Ltd. (“Im”) on this website.
Article 2. Amendments and Consent to the Terms and Conditions
Im may amend the T&C without providing prior notification or requiring consent from Users. Users who continue using this service will be understood to have accepted these amendments. Amendments will be announced to Users in a way deemed appropriate by Im.
Article 3. Use of this Service
Users may use this service in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in the T&C that have been provided by Im.
1) Any information provided by a User through using this service is their responsibility, and should not cause damages or inconvenience to Im.
2) If a User causes damage or has a dispute with other Users, third parties or copyright holders when using this service, it is the responsibility of the User to settle the matter at their own expense. Im assumes no responsibility for any damages.
3) If any User is underage, use of this service requires approval from a parent or legal guardian.
4) Users' privacy is of utmost importance and its protection is outlined in the Privacy Policy.
Article 4. Users
“User” refers to a person who uses this service by either browsing or purchasing the website. Use of this service will be understood as the User having agreed to the T&C.
Article 5. User Registration
Users who use this site may register as a member.
1) When registering, Users must provide Im with personal information that is true and accurate. False information should not be provided.
2) A User may only register once. If it is discovered that a person attempting to register has previously had their account suspended or deleted due to breaching these T&C or Im’s other T&C, the application will not be accepted. Similarly, applications will not be accepted if the provided information is found to be false, or when Im judges an application to be inappropriate.
3) Users should promptly report any changes in address, name, telephone number etc. by means specified by Im elsewhere.
4) When registering, Users can decide if they wish to receive promotional emails (email magazines) from Im. Accepting these allows Im to provide Users with information they deem may be on interest to the User. This includes information about Im’s products, services on this site, information on how to use products etc. Im may also contact Users when it is deemed necessary through email, postal mail, or telephone. To edit these options, this can be requested through our “Contact us” page.
Article 6. ID and Password Management
1) Users of this service must use the ID and password they have created, or that has been provided by Im.
2) Users are fully responsible for the management of their ID and password, and any activity on their account.​ ​
3) Users may not transfer, lend, disclose or allow their ID and password to be used by third parties.
4) Users' accounts are their responsibility and as such, Im assumes no responsibility for any disadvantages, damage, falsification and so forth caused by third parties.
5) Users must immediately inform Im if their ID or password are improperly used by a third party.
6) Any damages caused to Users relating to their credit card and transaction information, such as a credit-card number being leaked, is the User's responsibility.
Article 7. Cancellation or Deletion of an Account
Im has the authority to cancel a User’s account or delete a User's account without prior notice if Im judges a User inappropriate or as breaching the T&C. This may include when:
1) It has been revealed that a User had an account cancelled or deleted in the past for reasons including, and without being limited to, a breach of these T&C;
2) It has been revealed that a User had an account cancelled or deleted in the past for reasons including, and without being limited to, a breach of Im's other T&C;
3) A User has failed to pay for an order made using this service or failed to meet other requirements;
4) A User acts inappropriately as stipulated in Article 8 (Prohibited Actions);​ ​
5) The User has acted in any other way that breaches these T&C.
Article 8. Prohibited Actions
When using this service, Users must not conduct any of the following prohibited actions.
1) Unauthorized use of any information or products related to this service that are provided by Im on this website. This is regardless of whether it is for commercial or noncommercial use;
2) The act of providing false information when registering as a member;
3) Any act or attempt that prevents or interferes with the operation of this service;
4) Misuse or illegal use of a credit card to use this service;
5) Misuse or illegal use of User ID and password;
6) Acts that infringe trademarks, copyright, or the privacy and rights of other Users, third parties, or Im. Similarly, any acts that may disadvantage or cause damage to other parties;
7) The act of providing information that is false, misleading, etc.;
8) Any act that does or may negatively impact public order or morals;
9) Any act that creates or spreads false information about Im, this service, or any related products and offers provided through this service;
10) The act of installing or sending harmful computer programs and so forth; or
11) Any other act that Im judges to be inappropriate in terms of operation of this service.
Article 9. Copyright
All graphics, illustrations, designs and so forth posted on this site are the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property of Im and their respective copyright owners. Users must not conduct any action that infringes these rights.
Article 10. Transfer of User Rights
User are not able to not transfer the right to use this service or any other rights related to this service to another User.
Article 11. Purchasing Products
Users may purchase products through this service by following the order procedure designated by Im. For purchasing products in a catalog, Users must also purchase goods by following the order procedure shown in the catalog.
Article 12. Payment
When making a purchase, the User must follow the order form, and pay the amount specified with one of the payment methods that are available. If paying with a credit card, Users must follow the terms and conditions specified by their credit card company. If any dispute arises between the User and a credit card company, Im assumes no responsibility and the relevant parties must settle the dispute between themselves.
Article 13. Returning Goods
After an order is finalized, the order cannot be returned or exchanged. In cases where our company’s is deemed at fault in relation to an order (such as when a delivered item is different to the item ordered, or a delivered item is found to be defective), Im will be responsible for the cost to have the item returned.
Please note that returned items must be unused. Returns must also be made within eight (8) days after the order has been delivered. Please ensure to email customer service prior to attempted to return an item at: world@riceforce.com
Please write [Return of Product] in the subject box when sending this email.
Article 14. Information Management
Please be aware that Im has the right to delete any content that is sent or posted by Users to this site. Im also may move contents to a different area of the website at their discretion. Content may be deleted when it violates the T&C or when it is deemed as inappropriate content by Im.
Article 15. Suspension of Service
While operating and managing this service, Im may make alterations or additions to this website without prior notification or without consent of its Users. Also, Im may decide to suspend or discontinue this service in any of the situations exemplified below. Im shall assume no responsibility for any damages incurred by Users from the discontinuation, alteration etc. of this service.
1) When it is necessary for regular maintenance or emergency maintenance of the system;
2) When operation of the system becomes difficult due to fire, power outage, or interference by a third party;
3) When an unforeseeable incident negatively affects the service; and
4) In any other situations where Im deems it necessary.
Article 16. Liability
Im will conduct its business as specified to Users at the time of registration. Im will or will not assume responsibly as stated below:
1) When contacting a User, Im shall have fulfilled its obligations when they have contacted a User through the email address that has been provided. For delivery of an order, Im shall have fulfilled its obligations after it has shipped an order to the delivery address specified by the User at the time an order is made.
2) Unless otherwise stated in the T&C or user guide, Im will assume no responsibility for any damages that occur due to causes not attributable to Im. This include any foreseeable or unforeseeable special circumstances, any loss of profit to the User, and any damages to the User related to the actions of third parties.
3) If any dispute should arise between Users, or between a User and a third party in relation to the use of this service, it is the responsibly of the relevant Users or parties to settle this issue. Im assumes no responsibility for any damages.
4) When a User changes their password, they must follow the password reset procedure provided by Im. As such, Im assumes no responsibility for this.
Article 17. Jurisdiction and Legal Proceedings
1) The majority of communication between Im and its Users shall be made via email and telephone.
2) If a dispute should arise between a User and Im, both parties shall attempt to settle it in good faith. If settlement is difficult or if a dispute becomes a lawsuit, the case shall be brought to the Takamatsu District Court as the court of competent jurisdiction.
3) If a User is found to be liable for damages due to nonpayment of a due amount, or due to other nonfulfillment issues related to the T&C, Im has the right to employ an attorney to settle the matter. Users are responsible for any fees related to the hiring of an attorney.
4) When a User changes their password, they must follow the password reset procedure provided by Im. As such, Im assumes no responsibility for this.
Article 18. Governing Laws
The T&C have been created and are followed in accordance with Japanese laws.
Article 19. Distributor
The distributor of this site based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions is:
Im Co., Ltd.


Communication and Encoding
Our website uses SSL-encryption to protect personal information.​ ​
Pages that display or transmit personal information such as credit card numbers are SSL-encrypted to help protect any transactions or transmissions of data.
To prevent unauthorized access to any servers of our website, we have a firewall. Should someone try to break into our firewall, we have a system to detect and prevent such activities.
Virus Email Detection
All emails that are sent to us are virus checked in order to prevent viruses from spreading onto our system. Similarly, all emails sent by us are virus checked. However, as this system may fail, please be aware that some viruses steal a sender's identity. Therefore, if you receive any suspicious emails from somebody at our company, please alert us immediately.
Use of Cookies
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