Whitening Clear Essence (Medicated Brightening Serum)

  • UV, skin brightening
  • Rice Power No.23
  • For morning
  • For night use
  • Whitening Clear Essence

30g / 1.05 oz.




RICE FORCE With its own W prescription,
To clear transparent skin like clear

Increase your ability to protect your skin from damage Rice Power No.23 Extract ”And a“ sustainable vitamin C derivative ”that suppresses melanin Medicated Brightening Serum.
While preparing the skin, it leads to clear and clear skin.

Main ingredients

Rice Power Extract No.23 formulation
"Protect skin and increase transparency"

What is Rice Power?

Protects your skin from damage and increases transparency.

fragrance free , no artificial coloring , petroleum free ,neutral

allergy and patch tested

( However, some individuals may still experience sensitivity or allergic reactions. )


【Active ingredient】 Vitamin C · 2-glucoside
[All Ingredients]Rice Power No.23 (rice Extract No.23), water, chamomile oil-2, stearoyl glutamic acid Na, concentrated glycerin, tri (capryl-capric acid) glyceryl, N-lauroyl-L- glutamic acid di (phytosteryl behenyl 2-octyldodecyl) myristyl myristate , Polyglyceryl stearate, glyceryl stearate, dimethicone, cetyl octanoate, cyclopentasiloxane, BG, DPG, light liquid isoparaffin, glycerin monostearyl ether, POE (7) lauryl ether, behenyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, ethanol, pyro Sodium sulfite, EDTA-2Na, viscosity modifier, pH adjuster, methyl paraben , Propyl paraben , Butyl paraben

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  • Step 1 Photo

    step 1

    Take the appropriate amount.

  • Step 2 Photo

    Step 2

    After making it to the whole face, dark spots , Freckles, dullness areas, high cheeks that are prone to get ultraviolet rays, the area around the outer corner of the eyes, nose and so on.

  • Step 3 Photo

    Step 3

    Hand press firmly so that it can be confined in the skin.


When used together, the effect UP !!

Care Step

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