Mild Face Wash ( Face Wash )

  • Dead skin, pore care
  • Rice Power No.1
  • For morning
  • For night use
  • Mild Face Wash

120g / 4.2 oz.(約2ヶ月分)




Fresh crisp wash.
Keeping the moisture.​ ​

Even if it remove dirt cleanly, if the necessary moisture is taken away from your skin, it will put a burden on your skin, which is a big negative. Mild Face Wash is gentle, low-pH amino acid face wash . Using moisturizing component, Rice Power No.1 Extract, the face wash will not leave your skin feeling tight.

Main ingredients

Rice Power Extract No.1 formulation
" Rejuvenates your skin "

What is Rice Power?

It supports water retention and keeps your skin healthy.

Fragrance and petroleum free, no artificial coloring nor animal-derived ingredients, low-pH.

Allergy and irritation patch tested.

( However, some individual may still experience irritation or allergic reactions. ) 


[All Ingredients] Water, myristoyl glutamic acid K, BUTYLENE GLYCOL, PEG-400, RICE EXTRACT (Rice Power No. 1), sorbitol, PCA PEG-40 isostearic acid PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, stearic acid, glycol distearate, lauric acid, ALCOHOL, METHYLPARABEN, BUTYLPARABEN

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  • Step 1 Photo

    Step 1

    Estimated usage is 1 to 2 cm.

  • Step 2 Photo

    Step 2

    Add a small amount of water or lukewarm water several times while making foams. Make the foam fluffier by packing in air while trying not to crush it.

  • Step 3 Photo

    Step 3

    First place the foam soap on the sebum and dirt area. Place the foam on the area with dry skin last. Then the foam in, never rub it. Lastly wash the foam away with lukewarm water.


When used together, the effect INCREASE!!

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