Tender to the skin Fragrance and petroleum free, no artificial coloring nor animal-derived ingredients.
Allergy and irritation patch tested ( However, some individuals may still experience irritation or allergic reactions).

Recognized as the most effective formula in Japan Improve your moisture retention

Rice Power No. 11 Extract Formula 
Contains Active Ingredients

The "moisture content" of your skin is the value of how much moisture is on the skin surface, it is temporary. It can increases temporarily after using cosmetics or after bathing, but it decreases with time.

On the other hand, "water retention capacity" is the epidermis skin layer's ability to keep moisture within. If this ability increases, the moisture content of your skin will be high constantly, meaning your skin will be fresh, and less likely to be affected by external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays, and dryness.

Rice Power No. 11 Extract is an active ingredient that has "a confirmed effect on improving water retention". Besides giving moisture, it fosters the skin's ability to moisturize itself.

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Beautify your skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid The Power of Rice Power® Extract No. 11

Our unique fermentation technology reaches down into the stratum corneum.

In addition to delivering moisture, it also nurtures the skin's ability to take in moisture at the source, vastly improving the quality of your skin.