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RICE FORCE: Created in a setting long renowned for its serenity.

RICE FORCE was discovered in Kagawa prefecture, just an hour west of Tokyo by plane. Located on the island of Shikoku, Kagawa is a region known for its great scenic beauty and is the home to one of Japan’s first national parks, the Setonaikai (Inland Sea) National Park. For more than one thousand years, Kagawa has also been a pilgrimage site, the Shikoku Henro, in which the Buddhist faithful make an arduous trek – typically on foot -- over the course of many months to temples in Kagawa and across the island of Shikoku.


Before the advent of soap, the Japanese would use wash cloths filled with rice bran (a by-product of rice milling) to wash themselves, or they would soak in rice bran-infused baths. Long ago, they say that visitors to Japan were astonished by the silken beauty of the Japanese people’s skin. Rice, so essential to the Japanese diet, also beholds a mysterious power to beautify the skin.

Rice is precious: Every single grain is said to house seven gods. For millennia, the Japanese people have been taught to cook and eat rice, the wellspring of life, with respect bordering on veneration. Today, rice is still the Japanese soul food; and drawing on the wonders of modern bioscience, rice can be a powerful source to nourish beautiful skin.

It is this rice that gives the RICE FORCE skin care the breath of life.


“Prevention” is the mantra of Eastern medicine. The Eastern medicine concept is to stay healthy on a day-to-day basis, rather than having to cope with illness when it strikes. The same concept applies to skin care: avoid skin damage with proper preventive care. The goal is anti-aging, and to maintain trouble-free, beautiful skin.

Western bioscience genetically engineers microorganisms to create ingredients with new properties. In contrast, the Eastern approach is to work with microorganisms in their natural state to create new ingredients.

We at RICE FORCE believe that products applied directly to the skin ought to be as close to Mother Nature as possible. Our Research & Development Team followed Eastern bioscience techniques that lead us to uncover the astonishing powers hidden in rice.

What is Rice Power® Extract?

The beautifying power behind RICE FORCE skin care products lies with Rice Power® Extract. Rice Power® Extract was developed by a sake brewery that boasts a legacy of over 150 years. The perceptive owner of the brewery, who holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science, noticed something interesting about the tōji, the craftsmen who make sake. The tōji were in daily contact with malted rice, the main ingredient of sake, and all of them had beautiful hands regardless of old age.

Entrusting there were more uncovered benefits in a grain of rice, the brewery owner embarked on a research program with the support from the Japanese Government and medical institutions to discover a brand new category of skin care products.

Rice Power® Extract: Made Entirely with Food-Grade Japanese Rice

The key raw ingredient is 100% Japanese white rice.
This is the same kind of rice consumed by the Japanese people on a daily basis.

Rice Power® Extract uses only whitened and polished rice produced by removing the rice germ and rice hulls from unmilled rice.
In a process that takes as long as 90 days, rice is steamed and extracted, then aspergillus, yeast, and lactobacillus are added. The preparation is then fermented and aged.

Rice Power® Extract is diligently created by drawing on nature’s energy.
Extracts with differing capabilities can be produced by varying the fermentation method. At this time, 36 different types of extracts have been developed.

We make the best use of the various properties of these extracts across our product line.


Allergy and side effects tests were performed at medical institutions

Safety is paramount to skin care products because it is directly applied to your skin every day.

Rice Power® Extract No. 11 and all other Extract varieties were fully tested for all allergies, including rice allergy, and screened for possible side effects with the cooperation of specialist medical institutions including the Dermatology ward in hospitals.

Even distilled water can irritate extremely sensitive skin, yet Rice Power® Extract No. 11 has been clinically proven to cause less irritation than distilled water.