120ml / 4.2fl.oz
US$ 80
  • If you long for invigorated, silky and youthfully looking skin, there is no better choice for you than the Deep Moisture Lotion. This lotion with the content of the Rice Power® Extract No.11 absorbs immediately and its hydration effect can be felt in first few seconds after the application. Simultaneously, the wholesome influence lasts for long and persistently invigorates the skin while protecting it from the inside. The hypoallergenic components and lack of scenting perfectly suit even a very sensitive skin and skin suffering from atopic eczema. Dry skin will appreciate immediate hydration of the driest facial zones

    A Simple 3-Step Skin Care
    A skin care regimen for radiant skin

    You will see a significant improvement in your complexion with this daily 3-Step Skin Care Regimen. Customize your own product lineup for your skin care needs.

  • After thoroughly cleansing, apply 3 to 5 drops to the entire face. For deeper permeation into your skin, use the warmth generated by your palms and softly envelop your face and gently press. Re-apply to dry areas as needed.

  • List of Active Ingredients

    Water, Oryza Sativa (rice) Extract, Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Dipotassium Grycyrrhizate, Sodium PCA, Lysolecithin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Squalene, Tocopherol, PEG-150, PPG-6-Decyltetradeceth-20, PEG/PPG-25/30 Copolymer, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Oil, Methylparaben, Carbomer, Aminomethyl propanediol, Citric Acid

  • Fragrance Free / Color Free / Petroleum-derived Surfactant Free / Animal Byproducts Free / Mild Acidity




    Rice power is great!!!

    I love this lotion. it gives rich moisture into the skin without leaving oiliness. I have a
    dry sensitive skin with acne issue, so this is the best ideal lotion which
    I was looking for a long time.





    Amazing LOTION

    DEEP MOISTURE LOTION 是我用过最好最保湿的护肤水,吸收很快,用后皮肤也不爱出小痘痘了,我还是继续使用,希望能给老客户更多的优惠!


    Your skin only gets better!

    I've been using deep moisture series for over few years and definitely I saw my skin changed. I don't have dry skin any more! I feel my skin gets fuller and looks younger everytime I use them:) I barely put foundation make-up now. I recommend all the deep moisture products.



    I agree with the previous comments that this is like a toner. It has a watery consistency. I use one drop for my ENTIRE face. It doesn't seem so expensive since it lasts forever, and the results are worth the splurge!

    Nancy Shaw

    Fabulous Skin Care Primer

    This product is really more of a toner, than a 'lotion' as we know it in the US, just FYI. It is a FABULOUS first step in skin care. It is not sticky like many other toners, but rather smooth, airy, and light liquid which feeds the pores and enables a great base for the 'essence' (more of a facial moisturizer) which follows. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!


    Happy with purchase

    My face feels happy, so I am pleased with this purchase!


    Lightweight moisturizer

    I am a picky person when it comes to moisturizers. I have been looking for one that was light, but worked. I forget I even have anything on my skin until I touch it, and feel how nourished it feels! It is very expensive, but since it works I am going to stick with it. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.


    Best moisturizer I have ever tried!

    I really like this as my every day moisturizer. It is not greasy or oily, even though it seals in the moisture. I haven't tried the other products yet, but I am happy with this one for now!


    Good all-natural product

    I like this product a lot! It works well, and FAST!
    I am going to try the other products in the Deep Moisture series!!



    This refreshing, fast-absorbing lotion made my skin smooth and supple in ONE day. I love it so much! The Lotion is my favorite product.

    When my young kids have dry, cracked hands in the winter, I let them use my RICE FORCE products for instant relief. They love it too!


    Serious skin care

    This lotion is fantastic! I absolutely swear by it, my skin is proof that it works. However, it costs a lot of money!! Shipping alone is a fortune! I don't know how many people can afford this for skincare, (it's a stretch for me) but it's worth the investment if you can!


    Unbelievable moisturizer!

    I love the whole Deep Moisturizer Series! This lotion, like another reviewer said, is watery. Not what I expected at all, but I love it!! I can't believe how healthy my skin looks now, and the only makeup I need is concealer around my eyes. My skin glows!!


    Lasting moisture!

    I bought this lotion 3 months ago. I use one drop every morning and every night, and I still have some left in the bottle. I love the way my skin feels hydrated all day. I haven't had any skin troubles lately either, so I'm doing something right! I have to take away one star because it is expensive, but since it lasts 3 months, I would buy it again.



    I love this product! It is like nothing I have used before. It's watery,and not like a "lotion" at all. It feels like men's cologne, just splash it on! It immediately saturates the skin, and I immediately know that it's working! Try it!!


    Great but expensive!

    I hate to be the first person to review this item less than perftect, but it costs $80!! For me, atleast, it is not an easy expense to justify. I bought this because my friend had it, and I got to try it before buying. I love it, but I wish they would run some promos or coupon codes that would make it worthwhile to order I can't keep paying these prices for skincare!! LOL!


    Take 10 years off of your look!

    BEST. PRODUCT. EVER. Try it for yourself. It will change your life forever. My complexion is healthy, and I love the way I look. My makeup doesn’t crease anymore. Actually, I don’t really need to wear foundation because my skin is even-toned, and it glows. I just use eye makeup and blush and lipstick. I’m in my late 40’s but I look like I’m still in my early 30s! Excellent brand!!

    Madame X

    Love the Lotion!!

    If you have been disappointed in products after reading rave reviews, don’t worry about this brand. I can assure you that all of these positive reviews are true. I have been using the Deep Moisturizing series for a while now, and I know that it works! The Lotion is my favorite because it literally quenches my skin. It doesn’t just give me a wet face that I have to wait for it to evaporate, it really absorbs and my skin feels so plump! Great buy!!!


    Clearer skin!

    My Japanese co-worker told me about this brand. I looked at her skin and I had to try it. I started with the Deluxe Trial Kit, and now I am hooked! My skin looks 100x clearer, and I don’t have breakouts or skin problems anymore. I also started drinking a LOT of water to hydrate from within.


    The best!!

    Best product ever!! I am so mad I didn’t meet this company earlier. It would have saved a lot of money and time for me. I don’t need to look any further for my skin care. If anyone is on the fence, definitely buy it! I use the Lotion twice a day, and the bottle lasts me 3 months.


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