RICE POWER®: a Combination of Science, Nature,
Traditions, and Fermentation

We believe that the key to wrinklesless, young looking
complexion is deep and long-lasting hydration.

Deep Pore Cleansing

The most important step to perfect skin is complete makeup removal and deep cleansing of the pores without damaging your skin. Makeup residue damages your skin and also blocks active ingredients from absorbing into the skin. Rice Power® Extract deep cleans down to the pores yet is gentle to the skin and keeps it feeling hydrated.


Penetrates Deep intoskin layers!

RICE POWER® Extract has a SUPER LOW molecular weight!
Aprox 1/300 of Collagen, 1/50 Hyaluronic acid
Compared to other moisturizer, effective elements of the Rice Power® Extracts works directly at the skin’s sebaceous membrane and normalizes the horny layers and fosters the skin’s moisture retention as well as the skin’s barrier function.

and finaly

Long-Lasting Moisturizing Power

We compared the moisturizing strength of Rice Power® Extract to hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are commonly known moisturizing agents. Rice Power® Extract demonstrated twice stronger moisturizing capacity and lasting moisture retention. This attribute is key factor to keep your skin condition perfect for a long period of time.

watch our video Japanese Scientists Creates Breakthrough Active Ingredient!
see the result
Real and visible results just after 30 days of using! Try to imagine your complexion after daily application during the year!


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