ABOUT What Is Rice Power Extract?

What Is Rice Power Extract?

The Secret to Beauty is Rice Power Extract

The beautifying power behind RICE FORCE skin care products lies with Rice Power Extract formulated using bioscience.
Rice Power Extract was developed by a sake brewery that boasts a legacy of over 150 years.
The perceptive owner of the brewery, who holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science, noticed something interesting about the t?ji, the craftsmen who make sake. The t?ji were in daily contact with rice (malted rice), the main ingredient of sake, and all of them had beautiful hands regardless of old age.
Entrusting there were more uncovered benefits in a grain of rice, the brewery owner embarked on a research program with the support from the Japanese Government and medical institutions to discover a brand new kind of skin care product.
Rice Power Extract was created by adding aspergillus, yeast, and lactobacillus to rice extract, which was then fermented to create a natural ingredient high in amino acids.

Rice Power Extract: Made Entirely with Food-Grade Japanese Rice

The key raw ingredient is 100% Japanese white rice.
This is the same kind of rice consumed by the Japanese people on a daily basis.
Rice Power Extract uses only whitened and polished rice produced by removing the rice germ and rice hulls from unmilled rice.
In a process that takes as long as 90 days, rice is steamed and extracted, then aspergillus, yeast, and lactobacillus are added. The preparation is then fermented and aged.
Rice Power Extract is meticulously created by drawing on nature's energy.
Extracts with differing capabilities can be produced by varying the fermentation method.
At this time, 36 types of extracts have been developed.
We make the best use of the various properties of these extracts across our product line.

Rice Power Extract No.11 ……

Deep Moisture Lotion, Deep Moisture Essence, Deep Moisture Cream

Rice Power Extract No.1 ……

Mild Face Wash, UV Protect Milk

Rice Power Extract No.2 ……

Make Up Remover

The 3 Powers of Rice Power Extract No.11
Other Extracts in Our Product Line

The Secret of Rice Power Extract No.11 Rice Power Extract No.11 Deep Permeation for Supple Skin

Maybe you thought that skin care products all have about the same effect.
Deep moisturizing is the key to beautiful skin that will not reveal your age.
To maintain the skin's warm, healthy glow, you must retain moisture deep within the skin.
Conventional skin care products tend to form a thin moisture-retaining film on the surface instead of penetrating deeply into the skin. Although it may appear that the skin has been moisturized, it has not improved the overall condition of the skin. Due to a process that breaks down large molecules to allow for deeper permeation, super-low molecularized Rice Power Extract No.11 can deliver its active ingredient deep into your skin. Rice Power Extract No. 11 fortifies your skin's natural ability to draw in and retain moisture for longer-lasting hydration.
Until then, there was nothing in the world that could claim "Improves the skin's moisture retention function E So it was in 2001, that Rice Power Extract No. 11 was officially recognized by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a "new type of active ingredient Eand "new efficacy. Ebr /> Without proper care, the ability of your skin to retain its natural moisture dissipates with age, and continued moisture loss leads to accelerated aging in your skin. Keeping your skin supple and nourished at any age -- That's the power of Rice Power Extract No. 11.

The 3 Powers of Rice Power Extract No.11
1 REACH Permeates Deep Into The Skin

Breaking down to super low molecular weight using an original Japanese fermentation technology allows skin permeation deeper than other moisturizing agents, and promotes youthful radiance and moisture in your skin.

How Rice Power Extract Permeates -1  Seeps Through Skin Layers

The Keratin layer functions as a barrier to prevent UV rays and allergens from entering and irritating the skin, and also locks in moisture. Only those with a low molecular weight of 1,000 Daltons or less can permeate this barrier. With the aid of microorganics, Rice Power Extract No. 11 alters the rice extract to less than 1,000 Daltons, allowing easier permeation than common moisturizing agents of higher molecular weight, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

How Rice Power Extract permeates -2 Effortlessly Blends With Both The Skin's Natural Moisture and Oil

In order to permeate skin, it must blend well with the skin's natural hydration and oil. For example, the molecular weight of water is 18 (which is much lower than Rice Power Extract No.11), but since water and oil do not mix, it is repelled by the excess oil on the skin. Rice Power Extract No. 11 effortlessly blends with both the skin's natural moisture and oil, allowing for deep permeation.

2 STAYING POWER Long-Lasting Moisturizing Power

Rice Extract No. 11 fortifies the skin's barrier function by building up your skin's ability to retain moisture. The skin is revitalized back to a realthy state that can continuously retain moisture over longer periods of time, not just a temporary hydration fix.

FACT Double The Moisturizing Strength of Other Moisturizers

We compared the moisturizing strength of Rice Power Extract No. 11 to hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are commonly known moisturizing agents. Rice Power Extract No. 11 demonstrated a stronger moisturizing capacity and longer-lasting moisture retention.

How are Moisture Level and Moisture Retention Capacity different?

Moisture Level is what is measured at cosmetics counters and spas. The value indicates the amount of moisture in the Keratin layer, but this number can vary with temperature and humidity. Typically, immediately after applying lotion or after a workout, the number hits a temporary high value.
Whereas Moisture Retention Capacity is a value that indicates how much moisture the skin can store. For beautiful skin, it is important to build up moisture retention capacity.

3 POWER TO MULTIPLY Increases Ceramide

Rice Power Extract No. 11 fortifies the skin barrier function by increasing ceramide production that typically slows down with aging.

How Ceramide Multiplies: Ceramide is Your Skin's Gatekeeper

Ceramide occupies more than half of the components of intercellular lipid, and interconnects cells of the Keratin layer to seal the gaps. As long as ceramide is abundant, the barrier function is strong enough to keep the skin's moisture from escaping, and stores moisture in the skin. Regardless of how often it is hydrated, if the skin cannot store moisture, evaporation will cause dry skin. People with dry skin (atopic dermatitis) are said to have significantly low amounts of ceramide. Rice Power Extract No. 11 deeply permeates the skin to aid in ceramide production.

Other Extracts in Our Product Line
Rice Power Extract No.1

Rice Power Extract No.1 similarly builds up the skin's capacity to retain moisture. It is therefore contained in many of our complementing products such as Mild Face Wash and UV Protect Milk.
Do you assume that squeaky skin after washing your face is proof that impurities were rinsed away? This is a fallacy! When skin's essentials are washed away with the impurities, precious moisture is also washed away and dry skin happens. The correct way to cleanse your face is to remove impurities without damaging your skin. Mild Face Wash completely cleanses the skin yet keeps it feeling hydrated.
Rice Power Extract No.1 is added to UV Protect Milk to nourish the skin while protecting against powerful UV rays (SPF25, PA++). The addition of Rice Power Extract No. 1 puts an end to both oiliness and overdrying, common nuisances of common in conventional sun protection lotions.

Rice Power Extract No.2

Rice Power Extract No.2 was designed to protect and improve complexion. It was designed to boost cleansing power without stripping skin, so it is suitable as a delicate makeup remover.

The first step to radiant skin is complete makeup removal and deep cleansing of the pores. Makeup residue damages your skin and also blocks active ingredients from absorbing into the skin. Make Up Remover with Rice Power Extract No.2 deep cleans down to the pores yet is gentle to the skin.